5 Step Guide to Back to School on a Budget

September 6, 2023

Are you excited and prepping up for the new school session?

Back-to-school momentum is in the air, with parents excited to see their kids resuming classes. However, at the same time, they are worried about the costs that come along. It is the reason the vendors hold educational stuff discounts to help guardians fetch the best within budget. For example, supermarket giants like Tesco, Morrisons, and Sainsbury have long been the saviour for guardians in terms of affordable uniforms and school shoes.

However, that’s insufficient when around 75% of families struggle to stay afloat in the cost-of-living emergency. Many school belongings have become expensive because of that. Everyone cannot afford it. Thus, with everyone looking to commence school with reduced expenses, these money-saving tips can help you prioritise purchases and begin the new term stress-free.

How will prices for school essentials increase in 2023?

Looking forward to the situation parents face this year with children resuming studies after a long break, parents pay more for uniforms. As per Wynsors, “With the existing rate of inflation, parents pay 20% more than what they did in 2018.” The below comparison graph reveals how much school essential spending has changed since 2018. Wynsors carried out a survey of over 1,000 parents to understand how school expenses affect their finances. Just have a look:

(Source: Wynsors)

As a part of this survey, around 76% of families believe that the costs of buying a school uniform and essentials strain the budget. It spends around £230.40 on average to purchase a set of new uniforms in 2023. It is the reason around 56% spend less on themselves and focus on extending the budget for school uniforms and other things. Precisely, it does not paint an ideal picture in the existing economic frame. Here are other findings that may prove concerning in the economic frame:

  • Around 1 in 3 parents receive no financial support but need it % Parents believe there should be no school uniform to save money
  • 26% of mothers buy school uniforms only if they are discounted
  • 3 out of 4 parents agree that the cost of buying school uniforms strains their budget

In the same vein, the director of Wynsors puts, “As the research highlights, the back-to-school period is often stressful and expensive time”. 

It is the reason that the firm helps parents by providing the most affordable uniforms.

Given these facts and statistics, you must find ways to ensure the most economic fetch and prepare the children for school. Here is how you can do so:

How to resume school without exceeding the budget?

Your school essentials list may be long, but with existing finances, you must curtail it. Prioritise the items from the most important to the least. It would help you drop unnecessary expenses. Let’s explore other ways to reduce overall expenses:

1)      Create a back-to-school budget

Now, you have the list of the most important items you need. It’s time to create a budget. It grants you the permission to spend smartly. It helps you set only the amount you beside you. You can save on rest hassle-free. Apart from budgeting for the current school expenses, create one for monthly school expenses. It includes recurring and one-time expenses.

2)      Save on school uniform

 Kids grow. It implies the pants and shirts may not fit your child again. You would need to explore the new size that fits your child perfectly.

For this, you must explore the supermarkets. As mentioned above, you can check Tesco, Morrison and Sainsbury’s for school uniforms.

You can typically pick up packs of blouses, shirts, trousers and shorts, jumpers and school shoes. However, High School stores like Marks and Spencer’s offer quality products but at a high price. Thus, you may choose the best that fits your budget and expectations.

If you do not want to compromise on quality but share limited cash flexibility, get guaranteed loans from a direct lender instantly. It would help you cover the costs and get the best quality product that’s durable and meets expectations. Eventually, you can repay the loan back in easy instalments without disturbing your budget.

Moreover, you can also check whether you are eligible for a school uniform grant in 2023. This is because local councils offer clothing grants of up to £200 to households across the UK.

The eligibility criteria for the same may vary from place to place. To see how it works for your country, visit the particular government website.

3)      Buy only stationery items that are out of stock

Resuming school does not have to be expensive. One usually spends around 100 pounds on something that one already has. It is known as the fear of missing out on something they like. It could be any stationery item like a new-style compass box, colour pens and erasers.

One should instead create a checklist of the items in stock. Next, analyse what you need to buy immediately. For example, we need new covers for the notebooks as the old ones are not in shape. Precisely, one must prioritise the expenses by buying only what’s required or the need of the hour. It would help you save and utilise the facilities in the best way.

Furthermore, analyse whether your known ones share some additional or extra supplies. If they do not want it, they could provide it to you instead.

Moreover, to check new items on a budget, visit Dollar Store. It offers all sorts of school supplies, including stationaries. Shockingly, you may find some good quality crayons, pencils and rulers at just £1!

At this time of the year, when every student resumes classes, you can spot unbelievable deals there.

4)      Explore the grocery stores for discounts

It is one of the most popular tricks that parents love. Moreover, if you want to skip some bucks, you must try it. Many groceries offer school supplies, especially during the back-to-school days. It will help you save time and costs if you explore every second of the showroom to get the best pick.

Check the discount in the aisle at the grocery store. Furthermore, you may spot new things on the aisle for your children. For example, you may spot different lunch boxes and 5-minute lunch items at a discount. These may include- granola bars, fruits, jellies, snacks, etc. While buying these, prioritise foods that you can store within the pantry.

If you ask when is the good time to shop for school essentials, – it is- NOW.

5)      Save around 50% on school shoes

You do not need to shell a leg and an arm to buy the best school shoes. If you go the traditional way, you may only pay more. Why? It is because the previous size fits your child no more. You must buy a bigger one now.

The good news is, you can still save on the costs!

Check the school shoes by Clarks. You can spot shoes costing £8.50 on average. Moreover, you can check the right size for your kid without shelling out a penny.

So, who doesn’t want to cut around 50% of the cost of school shoes?

Suppose you want to visit the Clarks outlet. However, if you are out of a job and need some cash flexibility to afford that, Florafinance can help. The financial experts help you with the most adept cash help according to your needs and affordability potential. It implies- that you never miss your kid’s important purchases.

Bottom line

Getting back to school can be exhausting for you and your kids.  However, by following these tips, you can reduce the stress by 80%. It is because budgeting right helps you achieve the goal. Most individuals find budgeting stressful, but once you do, you can crack the education expenses easily. Moreover, discount codes and prioritising purchases and grants may help you get everything without breaking the bank.

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