Ellie Brown is a proud resident of the UK and love to be a content writer and editor for the last 9 years. Writing blogs and articles is her passion that one can explore at the top blogging platforms. Ellie holds a key position at Florafinance as the Senior Content Editor and Chief Loan Consultant, leading a team of more than 70 professionals. Ellie Brown covers the major aspects of the UK’s lending industry in her blogs and guides loan seekers who come at Florafinance to apply for a loan. She possesses the Post-Graduate degree in Finance and Investment.

How Do You Survive Ongoing Expenses Despite Being Out Of A Job?

You must be very anxious to know if there are ways to sail through usual and unusual expenses despite being jobless. Your anxiety has brought you here to ascertain the avenues that will be helpful for you. No job does not mean the end of the road, as outgoings will continue to pop up. Therefore, […]

Should You Prioritise Clearing A Mortgage Over Retirement Savings?

Deciding between debt payments and investing for the future is the most challenging decision after the 30s. Often, It boils down to the confusion between paying the mortgage or retirement savings. Both goals are lifestyle-improving goals. However, choosing the right ones is the toughest part for an individual. Let’s analyse both situations briefly. Paying down […]

Comparing Guarantor Loans: Homeowner vs. Non-Homeowner Options

Guarantor Loans. For the uninitiated, these loans essentially have a safety net. In other words, if you’re borrowing, there’s someone else, a guarantor, vouching for you. But here’s the twist: not all guarantor loans are created equal. There’s a line in the sand, distinguishing between homeowner and non-homeowner options. On one hand, we’ve got homeowner […]

How To Manage Finances While Seeking A Job As A 21-Year-Old Graduate?

Are you looking for a job while juggling with regular finances? Navigating through the job market is a complicated process. Everything is time-consuming, from preparing the resume to applying for the right jobs and attending interviews. Moreover, a smooth job search requires constant cash backup. It is the primary challenge that a graduate face. He […]

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