Ellie Brown is a proud resident of the UK and love to be a content writer and editor for the last 9 years. Writing blogs and articles is her passion that one can explore at the top blogging platforms. Ellie holds a key position at Florafinance as the Senior Content Editor and Chief Loan Consultant, leading a team of more than 70 professionals. Ellie Brown covers the major aspects of the UK’s lending industry in her blogs and guides loan seekers who come at Florafinance to apply for a loan. She possesses the Post-Graduate degree in Finance and Investment.

How Do Tenants Surpass Bad Credit with Unsecured Loans?

Bad credit is an unfortunate three-digital metric indicating a borrower’s low repaying capacity. Mainstream lending institutions approve loan applications based on credit history. Applicants who do not hold a sound credit history cannot get financial aid from traditional lending institutions. Tenants whose living situation is impacted by the cost-of-living crisis may face striking issues without […]

Managing Finances After a Divorce: Rebuilding Your Finances

Getting divorced can really mess up financial situations. Plus legal bills, housing payments and the sadness of divorce also distracts you from wise money management. Stress leads to costly escapes like takeout more, impulse buys or unused subscriptions running up quickly. Rethinking budgets feels so hard at first. Talk to support groups for guidance on […]

How To Deal With Pending Utility Bills As An Unemployed?

Falling behind on utility payments is stressful. It is especially true if you have multiple liabilities with lurking payments. Certain situations like unemployment delay the payment further. In unemployment, one prioritises only critical expenses over bills. However, you cannot neglect the bills either. However, one relaxation as per Citizen’s Advice portal is “the supplier may […]

How To Overcome Spending Addiction As Students?             

Gen Z is the biggest trend follower. 49% of students aged 18-23 shop twice a week. It is the reason the average cost of living for students rose from £924 last year to £1724 in 2024. Inflation blues may impact the rental and groceries. However, one can curtail unnecessary expenses by encountering them. Students struggle […]

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