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February 6, 2023


Have you ever approached a lender to get a loan for bad credit?

What happens if you need one above £20000?

Yes, the lender demands a personal guarantee to approve the loan. The condition is highly imposed in unsecured loan offerings.

Personal guarantee is more common in business finance than unsecured personal loans. A business owner does not have to stake his personal assets to get a loan. It can be beneficial for several reasons if you are starting.

Moreover, in the initial stages, a business needs more assets and anything it could stake to get the funds. If your company needs solid finances or a business plan, getting one simply on revenue predictions is challenging.

What is a Personal Guarantee?

A personal guarantee on business funding is a legal agreement. It grants the lender the power to seize personal assets if the business fails to pay the dues. In case of the absence of tangible assets and risk, the lender taps the unique asset of the person filing for a loan.

Loan asset can be anything like your home, car, new property, etc. Lenders generally ask for one if the business is new, shares little credit history/ length, and has no substantial revenue. In most cases, qualifying for a business loan with a personal guarantee is only possible.

In some situations, a personal guarantee can be a person too. He can be a business partner or investor legally responsible for paying the dues if the borrower defaults.

Can You Get a bad credit Unsecured Loan Without a Personal Guarantee?

The situation is valid both in business and personal contexts. Whether you are an individual seeking business finance or Unsecured Personal Loans for Bad Credit, a lender sometimes may ask for a personal guarantee.

Individuals may tap unsecured personal loans for personal use like- Consolidating debtsHome RepairBathroom remodelingCar AccessoriesChanging room furniture Paying for child education expenses Here, a personal guarantee is a guarantor on the loan.    If you are a student, unemployed, or anyone needing a high amount at a bad credit score, you must present a guarantor as a parameter of loan repayment reliability.   The guarantor is liable to pay in case you cannot. Here, you do not have to fear losing assets to the lender.There are two types of personal guarantees for business purposes:   Limited personal guarantee The lender mandates one in case multiple owners or persons are involved in the agreement. Each of the owners will be responsible for a specific percentage of the loan.   Unlimited personal guarantee Here the business owner is entirely responsible for the loan by staking his assets.    

 Personal guarantees with different requirements and purposes are unique to individual or business circumstances and financial support. You may or may not be required to call in a guarantor. It entirely depends on your existing financial situation.

For example,

If you need £50000 as a lump sum to invest in equipment, in a plant, or hiring, business finance may be the ideal choice. However, it may not always require a personal guarantee. Some lenders may provide loans without a personal guarantee if your business turnover exceeds £500,000/year. Here, the business turnover is reliable proof to pay the loan comfortably. To convince the lender of the same, the business would need Networth of above – £200000. If you cannot produce the proof, the lender may mandate a personal guarantee on the loan.


How To Improve Your Prospects to Get a Loan Without a Guarantor?

A eligibility for business finance without a personal guarantee depends entirely on the lender. Here are some primary factors that you can work on to get loans for bad credit and no guarantor from a direct lender hassle-free:

1) The creditworthiness of the profile and finances

Pay these if you are a little low on your finances or have too many high-interest loans that can make the lender doubt your affordability. A rich and lengthy credit profile with limited delinquencies can help you qualify for a loan without a personal guarantee.

Because a personal guarantee is nothing but an additional security that a lender keeps if you default on the loan. If the lender witnesses no such danger of default, he may approve the loan quickly.

2) Consistent cash flow

It is another way to eliminate the necessity of a personal guarantee. The most important part of hosting and running a successful business is- sufficient cash backup and profits. The profits must be high than investments.

Higher the revenue, the higher the chances of qualifying for a loan without one. If you are self-employed, you must present consistent income from clients or no long employment or business gap to get the finance quickly.

3) Sufficient business operational history

Just like you need to be employed for good years in a firm to qualify for unsecured personal loans, you must also share good operational business history.  Any business with 6 or fewer months of operation struggles to get a loan without a personal guarantee. The reason for the same is–

  • No lengthy credit history
  • No credit score builds up
  • No tangible revenue statistics
  • No scalable business plans

These reasons can be the biggest obstacle to securing funds without a guarantor. Wait and work on your business history and operations to scale and ensure stability.

4) Business type and industry

No matter how unrealistic it may seem, lenders share some constraints while providing no guarantor loans to business owners. Some business industries struggle to qualify for a loan owing to their absolution in the near years or little scope.

 It creates fear of losing money among the specific lenders.  They deny lending or lend only a small amount without a personal guarantee. For this, the business must tick nearly all the eligibility boxes.

Bottom line

These are some ways you can get loans without a personal guarantee in business and personal life. However, you can fetch better interest rates and terms by providing a guarantor in case of bad credit.  But, if you do not want to include one, these efforts may help you get one.

Description: Seeking business funding without a personal guarantee can be exhausting. But you can ease up the deal by reading the blog.

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