Peter Kay

November 22, 2022

It is a good time for music fans as they have heard the news of live tours again. The different teams, including other artists as well, have announced the world tours.

Famous singers like Beyonce and Taylor Swift are also participating in this. But if you are a fan of comedy, something is exciting for you. The iconic comic Peter Kay has just announced his first live tour.

This happened a decade back, and it’s happening now in the UK. Peter entered his name into the Guinness book of world records in 2010. He completed the biggest and most selling comedy tour in history. Getting tickets for his show is tricky but worth it.

Several platforms, such as virgin media, O2, and three users, have access to tickets today in advance.

By far, the former two platforms had the biggest demand, and the website crashed due to a huge footfall. In this schedule, new dates have been added to the program.

The much-awaited Peter Kay concert

This is Peter Kay’s first live tour in 12 years. He was absent for a long time. Now he has decided to be back live, and his fans are rejoicing the news.

It’s been four years that people have not seen him. He cancelled the last tour due to some family emergency. The comedian himself quoted this.

Presently, the concert is starting on January 6, and it will be performed in Liverpool’s M&S bank arena on Friday. The tour group will also visit Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, and more.

Since the pre-sale of tickets was announced, there has been a surge in ticket demand. Many platforms have crashed due to heavy traffic as people are going crazy to purchase tickets.

Only lucky ones have received the tickets till now. The traffic is so huge the website or even the app isn’t working properly. People can only see the screen-loading logo but nothing else. The app/website is not able to handle the surge in traffic.

The ticket price starts from £35 and will go up to £135. This is the most expensive seat so far. As per the comedian, the ticket prices have been set to match the prices that were there in 2010.

There is another website name See tickets. On that, the starting price of the tickets was quoted as £41.55. Instead of £35, the price was a little higher. This is due to the admin and booking fees included in the price.

Depending on the seat, you may get the tickets, and the price will keep on rising as the seats approach the front. Some people have taken same-day loans with bad credit in the UK to purchase the best possible tickets for their families.

This is a limited edition and is a gift from Peter Kay’s side. This is reserved for VIPs, laminates, and lanyards.

How can you avail of tickets for Peter Kay’s concert?

You can read the following points if you are looking for Peter Kay concert tickets.

1. Be ready

Before 10 AM, you should be ready. If you have got a ticket from a specific website, be signed into that.

Before the tickets go on sale, you should be signed onto the website. Also, save all the details from smoothing the transactions. Sometimes the websites do not load at the end, and you may lose all your information.

Putting down all the details again can be a tedious task. With this, you may lose the chance of getting the ticket. Hence, be prepared in advance.

In case you need some additional money, either borrow it from a friend or can take a quick 100% guaranteed loan in advance. Remember, the window would be shorter, and people waiting to grab the opportunity, much higher.

2. Check out the Asterix

Before buying the tickets, check all restrictions that are there. A number of members per ticket accepted payment methods etc.

All these questions need to be answered beforehand so that you do not waste time on getting the tickets. For example, a specific website already has announced that a person can buy a maximum of 10 tickets.

If the number of tickets exceeds 10, all tickets are cancelled that exceed the number.

3. Be patient

Being patient is very important. You cannot work in the hustle and bustle and get the tickets.

Continuously refreshing your pages and switching to different browsers will not help you. Stay calm and work with perseverance.

Sometimes switching between browsers leads to no result. Hence, stick to one browser and avoid refreshing pages constantly.

4. Get charged

Always check the device’s battery when you plan to buy tickets. Sometimes people are just about to get the tickets, and the battery is discharged.

For this, they have to repeat the whole process. For example, charge it completely if you book tickets from your iPad. Alternatively, keep another device charged so that if there is any problem, you can switch to your other device.

The worst thing is your battery dying on the final page of your ticket screen. Do not let that happen, and fully charge your devices.

5. Hang in there

Sometimes you may wish to give up. But don’t. Keep on trying, and hang in there. Umpteen people are trying without a break.

You have to stay there and wait for some more time. People who wait with perseverance generally get the desired results.

6. Rope in people

To get the tickets, involve your friends and family. You all can try it at one time. Whosoever gets tickets can share them with the other person.

For example, if you have three more friends with you, you all four can try. Even if one of the people gets one, they can share the tickets, and everybody can enjoy themselves together.

What did Peter Kay say?

Peter Kay said that he is very happy to be back and he loves what he is doing. Also, he was overwhelmed by the reaction of his fans and stated that I should be in the news only when I am dead, not when I am on tour.


To grab your tickets, you have to follow the above-mentioned ways. The traffic and people searching for Peter Kay’s tickets is huge. If you wish to be lucky, keep on moving ahead with perseverance and a positive attitude.

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