Is It Possible To Survive A Year Without Buying Anything New?

December 12, 2023

Do you feel like spending too much money on buying things that oftentimes remain unused? Maybe it has become your habit to purchase every other thing that catches your attention. It is time you must stop for a while and reiterate if you are also a victim of consumerism.

With solid marketing strategies implemented by brands, you can hardly avoid the urge to buy dresses and various other things. Keeping a tab on the spending will be one of your New Year’s resolutions because of the roller-coaster ride you had this year.

Because of this indecisive spending behaviour, oftentimes you do not have enough money for your essential needs. As a result, you might need the support of funding solutions. However, they come with their own set of obligations, thereby making borrowing impractical for you.

Seeing your financial situation and spending habits, some lenders will surely demand assurance to make sure about loan repayment. Some of the options will ask for an asset which might be inaccessible for a tenant borrower like you. In this case, you must consider having non-homeowner guarantor loans.

Instead of an asset, you must produce someone who will take the responsibility of loan payments in your place. These complex situations are avoidable provided you are serious about spending a year without purchasing anything new. Explore this blog to find out the ways you can accomplish this goal.

How do you embrace a year of no shopping?

If almost 90% of the items you purchase without any second thought remain unused, it is your mindset which is the main culprit here. You have to work to beat the urge to spend beyond your capacity. Dealing with this problem is not easy, and you have been used to it for a long time.

A quick solution should not be your forte, as you must address this issue step-by-step. Maybe buying things is your way to enjoy something good that has happened to you or to vent out bad feelings. You treat your emotions as reasons to consume more and more things. Other motivations for you are:

  • Easy and comfortable buying – Nowadays, you do not have to go out to shop for anything like dresses, daily essentials etc. Everything gets delivered at home and you can easily place an order online. While you do not realise you are paying a price for this convenience.
  • Exposure to social media – Scrolling through the internet has become your second behaviour. This made you consume a lot of online content that hoards various direct and indirect advertisements of dresses, make-up, home décor items, etc. On top of this, if you are following social media influencers, you cannot think of a day without product promotions.

Start this expedition with no spending throughout the year as a fun challenge with the help of the following tips.

1.  Manifest by writing your goals

For sure, this is not going to be a cakewalk for you unless you detach yourself from social media. One of the underrated ways is writing your objectives and manifesting them daily. If it seems too difficult, remind yourself how at the last moment you have to apply for 15-minute loan to buy some medicines.

You earn adequate money so that you can save for emergencies. This one habit of yours is a real curse during times when you encounter an unexpected situation that demands immediate money. Try remembering one of the recent happenings when you have to pay more to get access to a certain amount of loan.

2.  Be a little strict with yourself

It is high time, and you must limit your outgoings to stash money. Slashing unimportant expenses is the way you have chosen, and you must motivate yourself to follow it religiously. This means you must stop yourself from clicking on the buying option on every online portal.

Sometimes, you must force yourself to do this using various tips and tricks. Instead of directly buying an item that grabs your attention, you can add it to the cart and keep it there for some time. This remedy works wonders, and you will realise it soon.

When you add to the cart, you will have to add a few more items to match the delivery charges requirements. This process can make you impatient and drop the idea of purchasing this particular item.

3.  Encourage yourself to purchase second-hand

Some of your requirements might be genuine, and you must fulfil them. However, you might have a budget constraint because of its high price. When you cannot ignore such urgent purchases, you can try out its alternatives.

People obsessed with shopping will always recommend websites that put up sales to misguide. It would be foolish to conclude without researching other platforms. Some offline stores might sell the same thing at a relatively lower price.

You can even save extra money by getting a second-hand version of the same item. You can opt for a used item if it is about serving a particular purpose. There is no compulsion, but while purchasing online, you cannot testify to the freshness of the desired thing.

4.  Learn recycling and repurposing

Many of the items that you tend to buy can be created from the scrap available at your home. You just need the right skill to be able to upcycle a discarded item. It does not matter if you are capable of bringing these transformations to life.

You do not have to spend any money on learning as free resources are available here and there. Watch free online videos and start your repurposing journey. You will gradually perceive how therapeutic this process is.

5.  Emphasise gaining experiences

Divert your mind from materialistic desires by getting yourself involved in the process of gaining experiences. Even if you can afford costly purchases now and then, stop yourself from this deadly obsession. Spend your money on treating yourself with experiences.

Take a break and go for a vacation to explore a new place. You can even learn a new skill that makes you happier.

The bottom line

Getting rid of the obsession to buy anything without analysing the necessity is doable, provided you follow some easy steps without any doubt.

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