Easy borrowing solution for non-homeowners

As a tenant, finding the right funding source to cover unexpected expenses during difficult times is tough. Especially if you have bad credit, it will reduce the chance of being accepted for any funds. That's why tenant loans come in.

Without a doubt, tenant loans are a lifesaving option for anyone who needs immediate access to cash. These funds can be utilised by an individual who is:

  • Staying in a rented house
  • Opting for social housing
  • Staying with friends
  • Using the company accommodation
  • Living on excluded tenancy etc.

Before taking any loans, it is also essential to consider your financial situation. At the same time, you need to be ensured that you can afford to make payments on time.

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How do tenant loans work?

Loans for tenant are the popular type of unsecured personal loan, mainly available to meet the need of non-homeowners. It can be ideal for people who do not have any property to be put as loan security.

These funds are accessible when you are in an emergency need like a higher than expected gas or electricity bill, car repairs, or any higher rate finance you already have. However, sometimes your profile also undergoes a soft credit check, and it does not leave any footprint on the credit report, even if it will not impact your credit score.

Don't try to hide any information or inflate your income or credit score. Be honest about your financial situation, besides providing all the information that asks for the loan.

Before going to avail of any of the loans, ensuring you have adequate income to cover the payments on time is essential. If you default on the loan, it will give you a bad credt record and make it challenging to get any funds in the future.

Can I get guarantor loans as not being a homeowner?

Yes, you can get non-homeowner guarantor loans from direct lenders even if you do not have your own home. Your guarantor must have a strong credit history in this situation. Your guarantor could be a partner, friend, relative, or fellow with whom you share a rented home.

Before making anyone a guarantor for a loan, you must know about person’s credit score, income, and employment status. At the same time, make sure your guarantor understands their responsibilities and obligations under the agreement.

In most cases, the interest rate of non-homeowner guarantor loans will vary depending on various factors, including your income, expenses, affordability, debt utilisation ratio, creditworthiness, etc.

It is the best method to increase the chances of loan approval. Your guarantor needs to make the assurance about the repayments if you do not.

With flexible terms, competitive interest rates, and fast approval times, tenant loans become the affordable borrowing solution for those living on rent but needing financial assistance.

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What are things to know while getting tenant guarantor loans?

If you are considering taking out guarantor loans for non-homeowner, there are numerous significant factors to remember. Here are some things to consider:

Are tenant loans available for an individual with bad credit?

Yes, non-homeowner loans are also available to people with any credit type. These loans are already perfect for the person who is renting or residing with their friends or family. In such a scenario, you must focus on your circumstances, income, and employment status.

A guarantor loan will be your better option if you have adverse credit. You can easily find anyone with a good credit rating to act as a guarantor. In this scenario, you can get a huge loan amount. As a non-homeowner with poor credit, you can get guarantor help to improve your chances of getting loans.

It is not that we offer tenant loans with a guarantor. Options are also available for those who struggle with not having the guarantor's backup. Generally, the following types of no guarantor loans are available from direct lenders for tenants with bad credit.

High Acceptance Payday Loans

Payday loans are the perfect choice for tenants with bad credit for a shorter term. Often these loans are paid back in a single lump sum payment when you receive your next salary.

Unsecured Personal Loans

It is an unsecured loan, including a set number of regular payments. One can borrow the maximum amount of £25000. The full repayment will be seven years. These funds are also called instalment loans.

How are guarantor loans for tenants advantageous?

For several reasons, it is always better to apply for tenant guarantor loans from direct lenders. Choosing a direct lender for a tenant loan can offer you a more streamlined, transparent, and cost-effective borrowing experience.

In general, loans with non-homeowner guarantor are highly advantageous in the following ways,

How to improve approval chances of online guarantor loans?

If you want to improve your chances of getting accepted for a loan, here are some things to remember. Following these tips makes it easy to improve your chances of obtaining approval for tenant guarantor loans.

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    We always offer customer-centric guarantor loans in the UK. As direct lenders, we offer simple, fast, and at the same time, transparent. Taken as a whole, we believe in making the complete loan process less time-consuming, giving you a flawless borrowing experience.

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Whether looking for a short-term or long-term guarantor loan in the UK from direct lenders, you must consider our loan. These are tailored to your needs. So, explore our range of loans and take the first step towards securing the funds you need to achieve your financial goals.


What is a tenant loan?

Tenant loans are personal loans mainly available for tenants and non-homeowners to get instant cash. It is a form of unsecured borrowing offered without any form of security. Sometimes, it will be subject to a credit check. While applying for this loan, you must show the lender your repayment ability and financial stability.

Can I get loans for tenants without a guarantor?

These are unsecured loans, so you can easily avail of tenant guarantor loans without any third-party involvement. It may be more challenging, but you can also get loans with flexible terms when you choose direct lenders.

Having a reliable source of income combined with a good credit score automatically ensures the chances of your loans being approved. As a tenant without a guarantor, you are solely responsible for the settlement.

Can you get a non-homeowner loan with bad credit?

Yes, it is likely to avail of this credit even with a poor credit history. You may have inadequate options simultaneously and need to pay higher interest rates and fees. It is a popular type of personal loan that doesn't require collateral like a house or car, and these loans are available to non-homeowners who don't own their own properties. If you have bad credit, you may be considered a higher-risk borrower by the lenders, and sometimes it can make it more challenging to get approved for this fund.

Can a non-homeowner get instant guarantor loans?

No, a non-homeowner can’t get instant guarantor loans because it requires a guarantor, typically a homeowner, to co-sign the loan agreement. Even if required to go through a credit check and provide evidence of their income and financial stability, which can take some time, it is impossible to get an instant guarantor loan, as the lender will need to verify the details of the guarantor before approving the loan.

How much borrow a non-homeowner?

The amount a non-homeowner can borrow will depend on several factors, such as creditworthiness, income, and the lender's policies. Non-homeowners can borrow smaller amounts than homeowners, as they do not have a property to use as collateral. The amount you can borrow may be less if you have bad credit or a low income.

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